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Healthengine is Australia’s largest consumer healthcare platform helping people navigate the complex world of healthcare. Connect with a highly motivated audience looking for health-related products and services. On Healthengine you can:

  • Reach engaged consumers at relevant stages of their healthcare journey
  • Connect with a motivated audience of health consumers, practices and practitioners
  • Leverage a unique health network to share relevant brand messages

4.3+ million

Active health consumers using the platform.

1.5+ million

Monthly appointment bookings made on Healthengine.


Australian healthcare practices and practitioners listed on Healthengine.

1.3+ million

Health consumers subscribed to the mail list.

Engage Australian health consumers, practices, and practitioners throughout the care journey

Our range of communication products enables you to reach your preferred audience at key stages of their healthcare journey. Starting from the initial search of a healthcare provider, to booking confirmation, appointment reminders, and practice or professional profiles. Based on your campaign objective, you can choose the most relevant touchpoints and advertise on Healthengine

Healthengine Audience

The Healthengine mobile app and website brings together a broad range of healthcare practices, specialties, and health ecosystem partners to create a better healthcare journey for all. Thousands of health consumers search daily for their right health professional across verticals such as General Practitioner, Dental, Chiro, Physio, broader Allied Health and Specialists, using both the Healthengine website and app.

The majority of Healthengine bookings are made by the “household health decision maker”. According to market research completed by Nielsen (2021), these users are located in Metropolitan areas, predominantly female (74%), aged 35-54 with children, and an annual household income of $100K+.

Why Healthengine?

Healthengine is one of the best online environments to reach health consumers, practices or practitioners that are seeking or providing care. Your brand messages are delivered to a highly relevant audience, which translates to stronger campaign performance and return on investment.

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