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This is native / inline display tile served within APP that links to a dedicated Healthengine hosted partner landing page providing rich information on the products and or services driving a redeem offer, transaction or request a callback call to action.


Header/Hero Image:

  • Width: 1440px
  • Height: 400px


  • Height: min 48 px
  • Orientation: Landscape only
  • Sile format: SVG (recommended), PNG, JPG
  • Note: the logo image must have a white or transparent background


  • min characters 52

Product Image (optional):

  • Width: min 343 px
  • Height: min 240 px

Sub Header:

  • Use the subheader to expand on the headline but in a way that summarises what the offer is about to the viewer

Body Text:

  • 1 paragraph
  • 200 characters

Highlight Images and Text:

  • Highlight 3 compelling aspects to your offer, service or product to our users
  • Highlight Headers: 52 max characters
  • Highlight Body: 180 max characters

Highlight Images:

  • Width: min 170 px
  • Height: min 170 px

Pricing: Optional

Link to PDF Guidlines


Allows partners to engage consumers in APP with health relevant products and services that assist with better managing their health. Opportunity for partners across key health verticals in Private Health Insurance, Pharmacy, Healthy Eating, Fitness, Wearables, Health Lifestyle to drive a redeem offer, transaction or enquiry call to action.


Sponsorship: $7,500 per month plus GST

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We care about the privacy of all patients utilising the HealthEngine website and apps, and do not provide patient, professional or practice details to third parties without explicit permission. Please read our Privacy Policy or Contact Us for further information.

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